About Modern Wisdom

We teach mindful leaders how to create enlightened strategies that lead to extraordinary results.

modern_wisdom_rocks-leaderModern Wisdom has a simple goal — to help you achieve clarity so you can move forward with confidence.

Individuals and organizations that can achieve clarity report significantly higher levels of success, profitability, cooperation, happiness and fulfillment.

We do this through a unique combination of  inquiry and advice. We bring you elements of timeless wisdom, modern technology, brain science, intuitive ability, and psychology that will help you to get the results you want quickly, so you can start moving forward now.

In these challenging times many people are looking for answers.

To find your way these days you need a road map. You need a way to access your internal wisdom — what we call your Inner Compass.

We provide answers that can help you find your way, but most importantly, we help you learn how to identify and access your own internal wisdom — the part of you that is absolutely committed to your own best interests and can help you be of the greatest service to others.

What Makes Us Different?

We adhere to four rock solid commitments to our clients…

  1. Uniquely effective skills
  2. Complete integrity in all matters
  3. Absolute discretion
  4. Extraordinary results

Modern Wisdom is in the self-empowerment business. We are committed to your success and your happiness.

Although we are not affiliated with any church or religion, our work is unabashedly spiritual. We help you tap the greatest potential you have in your life — your spirit. We believe that every person on this planet has a unique combination of passions, skills and experience that when uncovered, when revealed, can be used to create a life of true meaning and direction, joy and fulfillment.

This is something no one can ever take away from you. Something you replenish from within, but express through your actions at work, at home, in your community and throughout your life. Our goal is to help you achieve this kind of life as we have.

Our services are available to a select audience. We choose our clients very carefully. And our services may or may not be right for you. But if you like what you’ve read and these ideas make sense to you, then let’s talk. contact me.


Marc J. Sachnoff
Modern Wisdom