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Marc_headshotAuthor, Strategist, trusted adviser,  two-time Emmy Nominated TV Producer and serial entrepreneur, Marc Sachnoff is the founder of Modern Wisdom. Marc helps business leaders, trend makers, philanthropists, students, and people from all walks of life make wise decisions, find their life’s true purpose, and lead more fulfilling and joyful lives. Marc grew up in Chicago area.

Restoring and selling pianos in my teens helped me learn how to market, how to sell, and how to build relationships with customers.

Teaching himself to play piano by watching the keys of a player piano, Marc became a professional musician at 16. He graduated high school early to study jazz in New Orleans where he attended Tulane University. In the Crescent City Marc met and studied with many old jazz and blues greats.

I met some of the most wonderful musicians just by looking them up in the phone book. But it was the courage to call them and introduce myself that led to a lifelong ability to seek out and talk to anyone.

At Lawrence University Marc graduated Cum Laude with a BA in History. While there he organized and promoted dozens of concerts and shows as head of the Special Events Committee.

Doing post graduate work in the Interdisciplinary Arts Masters Program at DePaul/Columbia, Marc left before completion to pursue his dream of writing for movies and television in Hollywood. Marc worked his  way up from researcher to Director, Producer, and ultimately, Executive Producer.

In Los Angeles, Marc produced, wrote, directed, or developed over 150 hours of broadcast TV including the Emmy nominated, Sesame Street’s 25th Anniversary and the 10 hour History of Rock N’ Roll.


I had to learn how to develop a television show, pitch it, and once sold, how to write, produce and even direct it. I realized that without great mentors to help me I’d be sunk. Fortunately, some very talented showbiz legends were kind enough to show me the ropes.



Marc is proud to be a member of the Writers Guild, the Directors Guild, and the Academy of Television Art and Sciences.

On loan to Washington, Marc co-produced the Bells of Hope Event for the Clinton Inaugural. After having an internet start-up business crash during the first internet boom, Marc became 
President of WizKids Media where he wore a number of hats for this new game company including head of publishing, licensing, media and intellectual property until the company was sold for $30 million to the Topps Company.about_logo_assoc

The game business is really about two things: bragging rights — “look what I did!” and a community in which to brag. I learned the power of community to support or sink a product and the incredible value of having thousands of people contributing to the success and growth of your company.

Following the acquisition of WizKids, Marc consulted, started some companies, wrote a few books, and landed a few interesting clients:


In 2010, Marc and his wife moved to Seattle and helped a billionaire philanthropist launch an education reform movement aimed at empowering parents. While CEO of this non-profit, he published Raising Winning Students—a 300 page field guide for parents. Get a free copy at The Parents Union.TPU

Working with a billionaire is an eye opening experience. From him I learned that anything is possible — even transforming public education — when the right planning, wisdom and effort is committed.

Marc has been on a long spiritual path having embraced Buddhism right after college. In almost 30 years of Buddhist practice, study and dialogue, Marc has led or planned over 1,000 meetings, community events, culture festivals, and youth group sessions, in LA, around the nation, and the world. For an insight into his spiritual life, check out his YouTube Video with over 60,000 views: http://youtu.be/bkTAC-3a7vEsgi-usa-logo

Buddhism is about cause and effect, and victory or defeat — all tied into being of service to others. I learned that everything that happens to me or that I want to see happen in the future is my responsibility. I am the script writer of my life. Each of us has this power.

Marc says:

In my life as a business person, writer, director, producer, parent, husband, son and brother, I have made some very good decisions and some very bad ones. For years I’ve been trying to understand how people make decisions. I wanted to learn how to minimize bad ones and maximize the good ones.

I wanted to discover how some people make correct life choices that lead to a life of meaning, direction, fulfillment, and happiness. And why others struggle and suffer, often ending in failure and resentment.

And I wanted to create a system that enables you, and anyone on the planet to uncover your true purpose in life in alignment with your unique Noble Higher Purpose.

Modern Wisdom was created so that you can use these innovative tools yourself in every area of your life.

Take it from me — there is definitely a way to achieve success in business, fulfillment in life, and joy in your relationships. You can live with clarity and confidence.

Marc J. Sachnoff
Modern Wisdom Training Group

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