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logo gold purpose driven business v4If you’re like most businesses today, you have most likely begun to think about how to add purpose, or community, or giving back to how you do business. It’s natural, especially since most of your customers are asking the same things of the companies they choose to support.

The problem is in figuring out how to do it, and how to do it in a way that increases your business as well as your impact on the world. This is not just the “Doing well by doing good” we hear so much about. It’s about growing your business the right way for today, and growing it so that you will have even greater means to make a greater difference– all while reinforcing your increasing revenues.  

Purpose Driven Business Strategy

At Modern Wisdom we have created an  innovative new business strategy system for leaders that brings together time honored knowledge and proven techniques with new approaches that can lead to extraordinary results. We’re not talking about dry numbers-based strategy that focuses only on incremental revenue growth. And we’re not talking about outlandish goal setting that no one believes can or will ever happen. And we’re certainly not talking about the vague “feel good” mumbo jumbo that passes for strategy in some organizations today.

What we want to share with you is a holistic approach to strategy that unites together solid, yet easy to understand business analysis with what we call  “Purpose with a capital P”  – an unbeatable combination that can leaders create real clarity, team buy in, rational planning, wise decision-making, and effective actions.

Why should Big P Purpose be important to you and your organization?

Running a business without the right strategy is like driving a car without a steering wheel or a map. You may be roaring along but without a clear destination, coherent plan and a Purpose around which to rally the troops, you may actually be getting nowhere fast.7001006430_b64cc18590_z broken steering wheel

It’s kind of like the old Phyllis Diller joke about the passengers on an airliner. The pilot comes on the public address system and announces that there’s good news and bad news. “The bad news,” he says, “is that we’re lost. But the good news is that we’re making very good time.”

We don’t think that’s a good way to run a business.

And the truth is that a lot of how we do business today isn’t working. The profit at all costs, “growth is God” way of doing business is no longer suited to the times. Things are changing on this planet – buyer behavior, consumer expectations, government regulations, sustainable business practices, global markets, disruptive technologies and societal changes are all impacting enterprises large and small.

A new model for business leaders is surfacing. And this new model involves a new way of looking at business and at strategy.

So, what is the Purpose of business? What is the Purpose of any organization?

We believe this question requires us to look at what we call “Big P” Purpose.

The Big P Purpose is about the underlying, deeper meaning behind our need to create and operate an enterprise. That purpose should have a simple definition — to improve people’s lives in some way, shape or form.

This is so important, such a foundational principle that it bears repeating.

The Purpose of any business is to improve the lives of people in some way, shape or form.

We know, we know — that’s not what you were taught in business school. It’s not what we were taught either. In fact, this concept is not being taught in practically any business school or class on the planet. But this is the real truth, this is the true kernel of what all businesses need to be focused on in the 21st Century in order to be truly successful.

If your business is not about improving the lives of people in some way, shape or form, then what is its purpose, its reason for being?

Let’s be honest, most businesses today have a purpose (stated or not) for improving the lives of people – they’re just focused on improving the lives of their owners. We used to call it maximizing shareholder value. And there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this. But today we live in a world of rapidly growing transparency and accountability.

This growth in transparency and accountability has forced organizations large and small to rethink the way they do business — because people are watching what you do, how you conduct business.

Think about it. Customers are watching, vendors are watching, regulators are watching, consumer groups are watching, the media is watching (and today anyone in the world with a smartphone is a member of the media), and of course your competitors are watching.

filepicker_wkz6AznHSlafWa1mEsfT_watchingAnd all of these folks don’t just want to know how you do business, the want to know why you are doing it the way you’re doing it. They are no longer just making decisions about whether or not to engage with you based on the quality or price or even the coolness of your products or services. They want to peer into the heart of your business and see if there’s any real heart beating in there.

This is a shift of momentous proportions.

A century ago our grandparents and great grandparents did not ask themselves whether or not they liked Henry Ford, his labor policies, his dealer practices, the sustainability of his sourcing, his portrayal of women in his advertising or his personal politics. They just asked themselves if they liked the cars he was making at the prices offered.

Yet today, all of these considerations — and more — are on the table for today’s consumers. Whether those consumers are individuals, other businesses or governmental agencies, all of us are using new and significantly more complex criteria in making our buying decisions.

There’s no avoiding this shift. It is an irreversible trend.

In order to navigate these new and uncharted waters, business leaders need some new skills, some new techniques for operating their enterprises and leading them to success. As a business leader you need a new navigation system.

This navigation system is none other than strategy.

What is Strategy?

We define strategy a bit differently than others have in the past. To us strategy is a framework – a framework for planning and decision-making that organizations can use for two main purposes:

  1. To solve a problem or challenge the organization is facing, or
  2. To take advantage of a perceived opportunity.

Think about a hiker who heads blindly up a tall mountain without a trail map, water, food, and warm clothing. If he invited you to join him or her, chances are you’d say “no thanks.” You might even regard them as foolish, needlessly endangering themselves. McKinley_and_a_hiker

It’s not a whole lot different leading a company. You need framework for understanding how to deal with challenges — internal and external, and how to take advantage of opportunities in your existing market or other markets.

Strategy is one of the most misunderstood aspects of business. We know of one company where the founder has told us, “I don’t believe in plans, I believe in hard work, grit and determination.” We believe in hard work, grit and determination too – they are laudable character traits in a person, but they aren’t a strategy.

In other cases strategy is like a weight cast around the neck of the folks in the finance department, a dreary numbers exercise that translates to ever-bigger revenue targets and sales goals that everyone must get behind or suffer the wrath of management.

But strategy is much more than that. Strategy is a way of uniting a team. It is a way of actualizing the Big P Purpose of the company in a way that everyone can get behind. It is a plan that clearly defines guiding principles, establishes processes and systems for achieving stated objectives, and equally importantly, provides a method for making difficult decisions that keep everyone on track, on the path to the desired and shared results.

We created Purpose Driven Business Strategy to help you achieve a new kind of result. Yes, we want to you to meet or exceed your revenue and profits goals or targets. However, we want you to be able to achieve these goals and objectives in a way that increases consumer loyalty, staff buy-in, and overall satisfaction and approval of your efforts. This is what we call Extraordinary Results

Our formula is simple, but profound —


Here’s how it breaks down…

Right Purpose X Right Strategy X  Right Action Plan leads to Extraordinary Results.

Our work together will explain not only how to craft Purpose Driven Business Strategy, but also how to Execute it. We’ll unpack the key concepts, explain why they’re important and provide you with a set of action items to get started implementing them right away.

logo-gold-purpose-driven-business-v4Ok, enough on the introductory stuff, It’s time to get started…

Our services may or may not be right for you. But if you like what you’ve read and you’d like to see how building a purpose driven organization can lead to extraordinary results for your business, then let’s talk. contact me.


Marc J. Sachnoff
Modern Wisdom

Excerpted from Purpose Driven Business Strategy — A Guide For Doing Well By Doing Good by Marc Sachnoff, © 2014 All Rights Reserved