What Clients Say


Marc has an uncanny ability to help you look inward for finding joy and life fulfillment. He is very patient and understands how to bring out the best of who they are and want to become. His philosophy will help other to achieve the results they want through actions others can see and be impacted by. Thank you again, Marc.

—Rob N., VP at Mortgage Lender

Marc’s guided decision making method helped bring a great deal of clarity to a complex decision I have been grappling with for quite some time. I will continue to apply this approach.

—Kevin A., Ethnomusicologist

The Inner Compass Method helps you ask the right questions so you can get to the right answer.

—Akiko W., Head Designer, Leading Clothing Brand

I was shocked at the answer’s my body provided, and it prompted me to re-evaluate my options completely and remove the mental limitations I didn’t even realize I had placed on myself.

—Alexandra S., Translation Manager, Santiago, Chile

There are many decision making methods out there. I believe Marc has arrived at a very effective one. The Inner Compass Method is fast, it’s a good balance of left and right brain and left me feeling clear and confident about the decision I made in a very short session. There’s a great need for clarity of purpose and the Inner Compass Method is a quick way to get to that.

—Bobby B, Training & Organizational Development Specialist

This intriguing process engages the left and right brain in the decision making process. We all can think of times where we wish we had arrived at a different decision. The Inner Compass Method may just be the pathway to tapping into your best decision making ever.

—Cathy M., Coach and Trainer


Marc uses a unique method to challenge your thinking about the decision making process we use in our everyday life. He reminds us of the importance of using all of our sense to make decisions whether they be ones that are critical to our future and happiness or ones that we need to make on a daily basis.

—Joanne M., President, Education Support Organization; Former National Manager, Ministry of Education, NZ

This process brings a variety of valuable tools to the decision making process in an efficient, understandable way.

—Kate S., Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Marc does a great job of helping to target the issue you’d like to work on. He’s warm, empathic and engaged and helps you feel comfortable. The Inner Compass Method is a wonderful tool! 

—Rebekah D., Acupuncturist

I found the Inner Compass method to be very helpful on both the strategic level–as a tool to optimize decision-making–and the tactical level, in helping to reach important decisions with clarity. This method is equally beneficial in both the context of business and personal decisions. Given the potential ramifications of important decisions, this is a valuable tool for everyone.

—Janice R., VP User Experience

Just discussing the decision helped me achieve clarity. [What] stands out is the fact that there is a higher purpose in any and all decisions that we make.

—Doris J., Development Officer

The Inner Compass Method helped unlock the answers I already had within myself. By being guided through some deep reflection by Marc Sachnoff, I was able to arrive at a concrete decision that was right in front of my face that I wasn’t able to see before.

—Eddie S., Acting Executive Director


The Inner Compass Method definitely helped me understand more about the different factors that go into the decision making process. I feel more confident now in weighing my options, checking my emotions and intuition, and taking responsibility for the decisions I make. As we all have to make important decisions throughout our life, I would recommend exploring the Inner Compass Method to anyone and everyone.

—Richie M, Student


The Inner Compass Method helped me feel excited and hopeful about the decisions in my future. It helped me feel reconnected with my body, and feel more confident in myself. I found it immensely useful not only in everyday life, but also for larger life decisions.

—Abigail R, Student


Deep in my heart, I always want a better connection with my parents. Marc helped me clarify the noble purpose and expand the options using the left brain. And then, he asked me to evaluate the options using my gut feeling. As you can imagine, the decision we came down to just felt right. It is good to know making a great decision is not a random thing to do. Thank you, Marc.

—Fara L., Technology Recruiter