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About Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute

The Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute helps individuals and organizations discover their unique meaning, purpose and direction so all involved can live more joyful, fulfilling and successful lives.

We embrace timeless wisdom that brings ​together ​the heart, ​the mind, ​and ​the spirit ​for ​extraordinary ​results. We draw inspiration from the great business thinkers and great spiritual leaders of past and present to create holistic solutions for individuals and organizations. We host workshops on Intuitive Business Strategy, Enlighted Culture Change, and Finding Your Life Direction using our proprietary Total Clarity System™, and how to create an Enlightened Workplace™ by bringing the Buddha to your business. We also publish books, provide enlightened business strategy consulting, as well as one on one Enlightened Executive Coaching. We provide group training using the excellent Cultural Transformation Tools of the Barrett Values Centre. We also offer low or no cost versions of our programs to qualifying individuals and organizations with the goal of raising enlightened leaders for the future or our world.

What Makes Us Different?

We adhere to four rock solid commitments to our clients…

    • Uniquely effective processes and programs
    • Complete integrity in all matters
    • Absolute discretion and confidentiality
    • Guaranteed results
Success Stories from Modern Wisdom

Real people, real companies,
real life successes.

What we Believe In:

  • Service – we believe your level of happiness and success is directly proportional to the number of people you service selflessly.
  • Solutions – we believe every problem can be solved, whether it’s an issue between two individuals or something as big as climate change, and that solutions come from uniting together around shared values and taking action towards a clear purpose.
  • Meaning and Purpose – everyone has a purpose for being on the planet at this moment in time, and we want to help you find it so you can live meaningfully and joyfully – like we are.
  • Curiosity – we love learning new things and meeting great new people. We are always learning, seeking, and sharing what we’ve discovered.
  • Continuous Improvement –  we are committed to working on our processes, our products, and ourselves so we can be of the greatest service and make the most impact with our work.
  • Fun – work should be at least 33% fun, otherwise why do it?

Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute is a Washington LLC headquartered in Kirkland, WA.