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About Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute

The Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute brings you the best of timeless wisdom together with the latest advances in personal and professional growth research to help you find real purpose and direction and real answers for your life or your organization.

We draw inspiration from the great business thinkers and spiritual leaders of past and present to create holistic solutions for individuals and organizations.

Founded by World Renowned Intuitive Advisor, En-May Mangels and Entrepreneur and Enlightened Business Strategist, Marc Sachnoff, our intention is to help you discover the amazing storehouse of tools within so that you can live your life with clarity and confidence – no matter what is going on around you.

Discover the transformational power of living and leading with Clarity, Confidence and Purpose.

Our signature program

Trust Yourself First with our signature Heart of Hearts Method(™) has become the jumping off point for scores of people to get the answers they need to make wise decisions for their lives, their families and their businesses.

We run workshops, trainings, provide organizational consulting, and do one on one executive advising for corporations, non-profits, leaders, and individuals. We also provide free workshops for qualifying schools and groups.

What we Believe In:


we believe every problem can be solved, whether it's an issue between two individuals or something as big as climate change, and that solutions come from uniting together around shared values and taking action towards a clear purpose.

Continuous Improvement

we are committed to working on our processes, our products, and ourselves so we can be of the greatest service and make the most impact with our work.


we believe in delivering superior service.


we believe trust is developed by doing what we say we'll do and by keeping your business private.


work should be at least 33% fun, otherwise why do it?


we believe everyone has a purpose for being on this planet at this moment in time, and we want to help you find it so you can live meaningfully and joyfully – like we are.


we love learning new things and meeting great new people. We are always learning, seeking, and sharing what we've discovered.

Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute is a Washington LLC headquartered in Federal Way, WA.

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Workshops, Consulting and 1:1 advisory services bringing Timeless Wisdom For Solving Modern Problems