Lead With Clarity and Confidence…

Whether you’re leading a team, an organization, a company or a volunteer group, leadership requires specific skills and qualities to unite disparate individuals in order to accomplish a collective goal.

If you have been called to lead, then why not lead with clarity and confidence?

Modern Wisdom brings you programs based on the best timeless wisdom from the greatest business and spiritual leaders to help you solve your modern problems.

We start by teaching you how to lead yourself first.

Leadership requires a combination of self-mastery, clarity of purpose and the ability to inspire and guide others. Leadership starts with establishing a strong sense of self – self confidence and self-esteem, as well as a strong ethical foundation. The ability to combine a strong sense of self with compassion and strength towards a greater purpose leads to wisdom. Wisdom based on compassion, strength and truly knowing yourself is the wellspring of good leadership.

It starts with transformation through self-mastery.

Evolutionary Executive Coaching
Evolutionary Coaching vs. Performance Coaching

There are lots of executive coaches doing good work on helping leaders improve their performance.

We don’t do performance coaching — although a by-product of our work is almost always improved professional performance.

We offer Evolutionary Coaching based on the work of Richard Barrett of the Barrett Values Centre. Evolutionary Coaching helps you discover who you really are and can help you achieve full realization of your unique combination of skills, passions, and experiences that you can use to lead your team, organization or society. We help you get better not only at the “doing” part of your work, but more importantly, at the “being” part of leadership.

Who you are — your values, your attitudes, and your beliefs — determine how you show up as a leader. And how you show up, day by day, in good times and in times of crisis, determine how successful you will be as a leader. That’s why we believe the key to great leadership is not just capability, it must include wisdom, compassion, and self-mastery. Evolutionary Executive Coaching leads you to a new level of leadership by learning to lead to yourself first. By starting with self-mastery you can build your leadership on a solid foundation that will be unshakable in any situation.

Whether you are leading a team of three or an organization of thousands, Evolutionary Coaching can bring you to a new level of clarity, confidence and success.