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3 Career Success Principles No One Ever Tells You: Part 2

This week, I’m sharing 3 career success principles I learned from the Buddha.

These are three pieces of crucial advice no one ever shares with you. Last time, I talked about how changing yourself first can transform your life. Today, I want to share with you the second career success principle…


#2 Create Your Own Joy


Even if you started out loving your job, the day to day grind of paperwork and routines can become dispiriting. The greatest challenge is to find joy in your daily tasks. Here are some tips:

Try surprising your customers with an impromptu gift, bonus, or service. Shaking things up with an unexpected gesture of appreciation can lift people’s spirits and foster new opportunities.
Learn to celebrate yourself. Don’t wait for external validation. Give yourself a pat on the back (or a congratulatory drink) when you know you’ve done good work or gone the extra mile.
If you aren’t getting recognized for your hard work, I bet other people in your office feel the same. Make an effort to recognize and celebrate the hard work of others.
These small acts can make a profound change in the climate of your workplace. While at a particularly thankless job, I started keeping a journal. Each day I wrote down one good thing I did for the company, a customer, a vendor, or a co-worker. By the end of the month I was writing two, three, even five things every day. I started to feel happier once I saw that I truly was making an impact. And when my quarterly review came around, I had a whole notebook full of examples to share with my supervisor in support of my bonus request.

PS: Here’s an extra little secret I want to share with you — your boss probably knows less about the world than you do. They may be from a different generation than their customers or workforce. They may be out of step with the larger trends in your industry. Or they may be way behind you in understanding the technologies that are rapidly changing our world. By showing up each day with fresh determination, not only will you make your own life better, you will also stand out as an excellent team player.

Coming up, I’ll share how the third career success principle can help you keep moving forward in good times and bad.

Wishing you total success and fulfillment in your career!


Marc Sachnoff

The Cubicle Buddha

As Executive Director of The Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute in Seattle, Marc Sachnoff uses his 35-year Buddhist practice to provide timeless career advice, detoxify work cultures, develop customer-obsessed brand identities and build lasting customer relationships through enlightened business development. Marc follows SGI Nichiren Buddhism which promotes the belief that we all have the Buddha nature within and can create lives of joy and fulfillment.

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