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3 Career Success Principles You’ve Never Heard Before: Part 3

Happy Spring!

This week, I’m sharing the third of the 3 career success principles I learned from the Buddha.

These are three pieces of crucial advice no one ever shares with you. Last time, I talked about how to find joy and satisfaction in your work. Today I want to share with you the importance of perseverance and resilience.

#3 Never Give Up

Sometimes, despite all of your best efforts, you will still feel like you are failing.

Maybe you need a break, or some encouragement. Maybe the company is in trouble, and you are not the right person to fix it—if it’s even fixable. Maybe you’re simply in the wrong place for your skills, passions, and values.

But no matter what happens, never ever give up on yourself. You are not your job. Throughout your life, you will have lots of jobs. Some will be successful and some won’t. The important thing is to do your best where you are, but if that’s not working, you need to know that it’s ok to move on.

“Defeat lies not in failing or making mistakes; rather it lies in giving up on ourselves when we do so” -Daisaku Ikeda

The Buddha taught that we all have limitless potential inside of us. Our challenge is to bring it out. I recommend that you try to find a mentor whom you can trust. Having a mentor in your career can be life-changing.

I have been fortunate to have several great mentors in my work life. One of them taught me how to pitch, produce, and edit award-winning television shows. Another taught me the importance of always leading with passion. A third mentor helped me come to the painful realization that I was no longer the right person to lead the non-profit I was running. Each of these people had a profound impact on my life, and all of them, in their own way, encouraged me to never give up.

Cultivating perseverance and resilience can give you a huge advantage in your career. They are the two keys to never giving up.

So now you know the 3 Career Success Principles from the Buddha that no one will ever tell you. To review they are:

Change Yourself First
Find Joy and Satisfaction in Your Work
Never Give Up
I hope you find to be as helpful in your career as they have in mind.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.


Marc Sachnoff

The Cubicle Buddha

As Executive Director of The Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute in Seattle, Marc Sachnoff uses his 35-year Buddhist practice to provide timeless career advice, detoxify work cultures, develop customer-obsessed brand identities and build lasting customer relationships through enlightened business development. Marc follows SGI Nichiren Buddhism which promotes the belief that we all have the Buddha nature within.

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